The Archive (Customizable Titles)

You’ve reached the “big list” of titles I’ve arranged in the past. Anything on this page is customized to your ensemble — which is why it’s not listed in the regular part of the store. Most likely, if you’re here, you’re looking for show choir music, which requires a specific type of licensing. Here’s the process:

I’ve done this before, take me to the list!

1. Get in touch with your song choices by email or the contact form, or by filling out a request form here.

2. I’ll reply by email (or phone, if you wish) and we will talk through the details. What is your ensemble looking for in this arrangement? What is your group’s size, vocal split, and instrumental roster?

3. Most titles will require a custom arrangement license through Tresona Multimedia LLC. (or, less often, from another publisher or from the artist directly), so if you haven’t already done this step, I will verify that the song is still available for licensing and report back on the estimated licensing fee.

4. If everything looks good, we will set target dates for any customization needed. If we complete licensing through Tresona, the arrangement is uploaded to their website and the ensemble receives a download link when the license is paid. The school may pay the license directly, or it can be paid forward by LMP and added to your invoice

5. You will receive an invoice for your music when you are satisfied with all your customizations. Because many show choirs order music in the summer and compete in January through March, this mean we can delay invoicing to accommodate changes in a show that may happen during the competition season.


$100.00/song or $150.00/medley (includes copyright processing, rehearsal mp3s of finished score with and without vocal parts playing back.)

+$30.00/hr. for alterations (add/remove instruments, add/remove sections of the song, custom transitions or dance breaks, revoice vocal ensembles, combine titles into a medley, creating individual part rehearsal tracks, etc.) Estimates for this work can be provided in advance.

+Permission-to-arrange fee (May vary for each song. Tresona’s current licensing fees are about $190-290. Some copyright holders may charge less or more. Note that medleys are often more expensive to license than licensing the same songs separately.)

Okay, let’s go to the list!