Request a quote: A Cappella Arranging

    no solosinclude some short solos / solo linesprominent solo(s) throughout



    SASSASSAABarbershop Women’sOther

    TBTBBTTBBBarbershop Men’sOther


    Yes, as complete as possibleYes, just some easy chords for harmonic support


    Any specific ideas for song form or harmonic content? Enter them here. Typical examples:
    - “Keep it simple. Basically transcribe the original recording and create background vocal parts from the original instrumental tracks.”
    - “Medley of two songs in this order, with a short section at the end that layers the two songs together.”
    - “We can handle advanced harmony – make it edgy and dissonant.”
    - “It needs to be in a light samba style.”
    - “It’s for my 9th and 10th graders. Use lots of unison and make the voice leading as straightforward as possible.”


    I want Landig Music Productions to handle securing copyright permission for my arrangements. I may be required to sign agreements or documents from copyright holders or their agents and will abide by their terms of use. The arrangements will be inscribed with the copyright notices as designated by the copyright holders and their fees will be added to my invoice and forwarded on to the copyright holders as necessary. There is no additional fee charged by LMP for this service.I am handling my own copyright process directly. Landig Music Productions will sign and return any requested forms provided by copyright holders to me, and inscribe the copyright notices onto your music when received. I agree that I assume full responsibility to complete the licensing and that Landig Music Productions is not liable for any legal actions, penalties, or fees which may result if proper permissions are not secured.


    To specify different timeline details for multiple songs, please use the “anything else?” box below.

    Thank you for your request! Most requests are answered in the first 24 hours.